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    Fire extinguishers are a type of active fire protection devices used to extinguish or contain small fires in emergencies. Fire extinguishers are devices produced in different sizes and features that generally help to extinguish the fire by cutting the connection between heat and oxygen with the pressurized materials inside. There are multiple fire extinguishers with different features according to the size and characteristics of the fire.

    Fire extinguishers are very important, especially in extinguishing the fire during the incipient phase. For this reason, it must be available in almost all places. For this reason, it has become a legal obligation to have it available in many areas such as workplace, school, vehicle, public transport, etc. and to have regular checks done.  

    The European standard EN3 dictates that portable fire extinguishers in Turkey must meet specified and legal requirements. All of our extinguishers here at ATAK abide by this legislation to provide the relevant safety measures needed to maintain your workplace or home. 

    Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers: One of the most versatile pieces of firefighting apparatus, dry powder fire extinguishers are the most popular choice due to their generally all-around protection. They are suitable for use on Class A (organic solids), Class B fires (flammable liquids), and Class C fires (flammable gases).

    Co2 Fire Extinguishers: Carbon dioxide extinguishers emit a gas that replaces oxygen in blazes and takes away the air that forms part of the fire triangle, leaving a blaze unable to keep burning.

    As there is nothing inside the canister other than pressurised carbon dioxide, when these pieces of firefighting equipment are called into action, they leave no mess or residue. CO2 extinguishers are also adept at tackling Class B fires.

    Foam fire extinguishers : Foam fire extinguishers are frequently used in type A fires caused by the burning of wood, cotton and paper, and B type fires caused by the burning of substances such as gasoline, alcohol and thinner. The foams cover the surface of the combustible material, cut off the connection with oxygen, and at the same time reduce the combustion temperature and have a cooling effect.

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