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    ISG Engineering and Consulting Services

    We provide joint health and safety unit services to eliminate the loss of labour and time by providing services to your company in all areas required by occupational safety.

    The “Occupational health and safety” regulation issued within the scope of the labour law numbered 4857; Articles 207, 208, 209, 223, 227 and 244 require periodic inspections of machines.

    All necessary periodic controls are carried out by professional engineers that are experts in their fields and have authorization certificates to provide the services.

    Environment Surveillance

    To monitor the working environment, including all shift work, in the workplace, to provide advice and guidance for the continuation of all work by occupational health and legislation and general occupational safety rules, to participate in the creation of internal regulation and workplace OHS (OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY) policy.

    Risk analysis

    To determine the hazards in the workplace, to make risk analyzes and to decide on the measures to eliminate and reduce this risk after the risk assessment, to plan the necessary studies, to ensure that measurements, analyzes and controls are performed.

    Periodic Maintenance and Follow-up of Controls

    To plan the periodic maintenance, controls and measurements that should be done in terms of occupational health and safety in the workplace, to follow up the applications, to provide the necessary occupational safety conditions for the elimination of non-routine technical malfunctions.

    Emergency Plans

    To prepare and follow up emergency plans for situations that require emergency intervention such as accidents, fires and natural disasters in the workplace.

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