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    Emergency Escape Plan Design

    Emergency escape plans; Following the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and the Regulation on Emergency Situations in Workplaces; These are plans for Evacuation (Escape) only, showing the workplace or parts of the workplace.

    In the Escape Plan (Evacuation Plan); Escape Plans indicating escape routes, emergency exit doors, escape ladders and meeting places should be hung in easily visible locations. ATAK especially recommend hanging it over emergency exit doors or room doors. This service allows you to easily find evacuation (escape) places in emergencies that may occur in all or part of the workplaces.

    According to the relevant regulations; escape(evacuate), gathering and all other areas shown by the customer companion are drawn as 2D or 3D visual by the ATAK.

    Your Evacuation Plans are drawn by following the steps below. 

    -Drawing and sketching (It is drawn by the ATAK Fire Instructors and Graphic Designers),

    -Completing the drawings in a digital environment (It is drawn by the ATAK Graphic Artists via graphic programs),

    -Controlling digital drawings by ATAK Professional Team,

    -Digital drawings controlled and approved by the customer,

    -Receiving the printouts and delivering them to the customer.

    The number of Evacuation Plan drawings is determined as follows.

    -If the floors are small, each floor is a drawing (Approximately 1000m2).

    -If the area is large, an average drawing of every 1000m2.

    -In simple drawings, the number of drawings is determined by mutual meetings and determinations.

    Evacuation Plans are drawn by giving direction according to the place to be hung. Your location is specified in the evacuation plan. For example; The area to the left of your current location and the area to the left of the drawing shows the same place. In this way, emergency equipment locations and escape routes may be easily understood from the evacuation plans.

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