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    Engineering Calculations;

    Preparation of engineering calculations for existing fire protection systems or all kinds of fire protection systems to be newly designed, with approved computer software within the framework of relevant international and local standards.


    • Water Extinguishing Systems Calculations;

      -Determination of fire pump and water tank capacity,

      -Determination of pipe diameters of wet, dry, dominant and foam fire extinguishing systems,

      -Selecting the appropriate equipment and devices to be used in the system,

      -Preparing a detailed account report.

      Gas Extinguishing Systems Calculations;

      Determining the amount of gas required for the space,

      Determination of pipe diameter and equipment,

      Determination of Pressure Relief dampers,

      Preparing a detailed account report.


      By examining the structure and architectural projects of the facility; Preparation of the project and documentation of active-passive fire extinguishing systems from the design stage to the as-built stage, within the framework of international and local standards that are most suitable for the facility or requested.

      Active Fire Protection Systems;

      -Wet Pipe Sprinkler System

      -Dry Tubular Sprinkler System

      -Pre-React (Non-Lock, Single-Lock, Double-Lock)

      -Raid Sprinkler System

      -Foam/Water Mixed Wet Sprinkler System

      -Foam/Water Mixed Raid Sprinkler System

      -Low Expansion Foam Extinguishing System

      -High Expansion Foam Extinguishing System

      -Gas Extinguishing Systems

      Passive Fire Protection Systems;

      -Architectural and Structural Firestop and Prevention Systems

      -Emergency Lighting and Guidance Systems

      -Fire Escape Routes and Emergency Exit Systems

      -Smoke Evacuation Systems

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