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    Wet Pipe Sprinkler Suppression Systems

    In wet pipe sprinkler extinguishing systems, where automatic sprinklers are connected to a certain water source and mounted on pipe systems containing water; With the effect of the heat released by the fire, the sprinklers open and the water flows heavily on the burning material. In this system, which is automatically activated by the effect of heat from the fire, in the case of sprinkling, the water is discharged onto the combustible material.

    Dry Pipe Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems

    In this system, compressed air is applied to keep the valve located between the pipe network water source and the pipe network closed and this area is filled with nitrogen gas. Air pressure is automatically controlled by a valve placed at the inlet of the network. The heat released as a result of the fire activates any sprinkler and the pressure in the pipe network drops rapidly. With the decrease in pressure, the valve located at the inlet of the dry pipe network opens automatically and the pipes are filled with water, moving towards the fire area. Where wet pipe sprinkler extinguishing systems cannot be used, in areas with lower temperatures; dry pipe sprinkler extinguishing systems are used.

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